These 12 Foods Should Be Avoided Before Going For Workout

If you are planning a serious workout, then you should not take your pre-workout meal lightly. It should be a healthy meal containing protein, fat, and carbs loaded with almost 200 to 300 calories in order to fuel your body for the workout. It is such an important meal for your body you should be careful what to eat and what to avoid. Our pre-workout meat should be planned like what to eat when to eat and how much to eat. Some of the meals can disturb our workout and make us lazy and slow. So here are some meals that you should avoid before going for a workout.

  1. Hummus: It’s small, delicious and healthy but it is loaded with some indigestible carbs. That can leave your stomach gassy and full which can slow you down for your workout, so if you want to eat hummus do it after your post-workout meal.
  2. Flax seeds: Flax seeds are very rich in fiber. These fiber rich seeds can leave your stomach gassy and bloated for the day as many of the fibers in these seed are insoluble, so they should be avoided. Pretty much all seeds should be avoided.
  3. Dairy products: Milk, cheese, and yogurt should never be consumed before your workout, but it should be taken after your training. The high-fat content of dairy products can leave you sluggish and can increase the acid content in your stomach. It can also cause you to burp during your workout.
  4. Raw veggies: Before a workout is the only time we should not eat raw veggies, as these high fiber food are loaded with carbs and fiber which take so much time to digest and can really disturb your workout. Raw veggies can cause gas and bloating in the stomach and can make you uneasy during your workout.
  5. Food with High sodium: Anything with high sodium should be avoided as sodium uses so much water to dissolve in your body and can leave you dehydrated and can cause your heart to work even harder during your workout.
  6. Spicy food: It is really difficult for some people, but it is best to avoid spicy foods. As we are training there is a lot of movement in our body, and if you have consumed spicy food it can easily wash back in your gullet, and you can suffer from heartburn, burning of food pipe and acid reflux.
  7. Protein bars: Most of the protein bars are simply candy bars and their protein and sugar ratio is not equal, and that cause you to run out of energy during your workout.
  8. Hard-Boiled Eggs: Eggs are loaded with proteins and have fewer carbs, hard boiled eggs are really straining for the stomach to digest.
  9. High-sugar/high-fat coffee: If it’s not a regular coffee don’t drink it only black coffee is best pre workout drink.
  10. Fruit Juice: Juices can disturb your blood sugar levels, so it’s better to eat fruit is self.
  11. Trail mix: Both high or low trail mix take too long to digest.
  12. Baked items: Anything with high sugar, refined flour, and butter are no good before a workout.