The Best Sources Of Proteins

When you eat proteins, your body breaks it down into an amino acid. There are nine amino acid which are needed by your body. Consuming all nine amino acid through your diet is essential for your body.

Best sources of proteins is that which contains all nine amino acid. Most people over the age of 18 needs 10 to 35 percent of their calories from proteins that are daily consumed. These type of proteins are called high biological value or complete proteins. Following are the foods that are the best source of protein and their use.

  1. Fish

Some fish like tuna, tilapia, halibut, salmon, and mackerel have 7 grams of protein per ounce. They have all essential amino acid and essential fatty acid which includes EPA and DHA. some fish varieties like salmon are used in dieting foods and are a good source of vitamin D.

  1. Lean Poultry

Animals like chicken, wild duck or goose, turkey and Cornish hen are lean poultry source. One ounce of lean poultry contains 7 grams of proteins as well as other important minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron and some others. Poultry is considered lean if skin and fat are removed, and cooked using grilling or baking that are called dry heat method.

  1. Quinoa

Quinoa can be used as a substitute for rice and pasta. It’s an excellent vegetarian source of complete proteins as well as fibers. Quinoa is a seed resembling a grain.

  1. Eggs and Egg White

One quarter cup egg, one egg or 2 egg whites, each of them contains 7 grams of proteins and all essential amino acid. The egg is one of the few dietary sources of vitamin D. Egg yolk contains vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin and folate that are important vitamins and minerals. Egg yolk also contains cholesterol. The Harvard school of public health says to limit the egg consumption to 3 eggs per week if you have diabetes or heart disease.

  1. Soya

Soya is also a good vegetarian source of proteins. There are so many products of soya that contains all nine essential amino acid. It also contains same nutrients as lean poultry or meat. There are some products that taste same as an animal protein product.

  1. Dairy

Dairy products are a very good source of many vitamins and minerals including vitamin D, potassium, and calcium. Dairy products also contain all nine essential amino acid and 8 grams of proteins per serving. If you are trying to lower your fat and cholesterol intake, then it is a better option to use products like low-fat and non-fat dairy products.

  1. Lean meat

Lean meat may include pork, beef or veal. Like poultry, it is also a good source of iron and zinc. It contains all essential amino acid and contains 7 gram of protein per ounce. Like lean poultry cuts of meat also needs to be trimmed of fat and should be cooked using dry heat methods like grilling or baking.

These are some food products that will help you in fulfilling the need of proteins of your body.

These 12 Foods Should Be Avoided Before Going For Workout

If you are planning a serious workout, then you should not take your pre-workout meal lightly. It should be a healthy meal containing protein, fat, and carbs loaded with almost 200 to 300 calories in order to fuel your body for the workout. It is such an important meal for your body you should be careful what to eat and what to avoid. Our pre-workout meat should be planned like what to eat when to eat and how much to eat. Some of the meals can disturb our workout and make us lazy and slow. So here are some meals that you should avoid before going for a workout.

  1. Hummus: It’s small, delicious and healthy but it is loaded with some indigestible carbs. That can leave your stomach gassy and full which can slow you down for your workout, so if you want to eat hummus do it after your post-workout meal.
  2. Flax seeds: Flax seeds are very rich in fiber. These fiber rich seeds can leave your stomach gassy and bloated for the day as many of the fibers in these seed are insoluble, so they should be avoided. Pretty much all seeds should be avoided.
  3. Dairy products: Milk, cheese, and yogurt should never be consumed before your workout, but it should be taken after your training. The high-fat content of dairy products can leave you sluggish and can increase the acid content in your stomach. It can also cause you to burp during your workout.
  4. Raw veggies: Before a workout is the only time we should not eat raw veggies, as these high fiber food are loaded with carbs and fiber which take so much time to digest and can really disturb your workout. Raw veggies can cause gas and bloating in the stomach and can make you uneasy during your workout.
  5. Food with High sodium: Anything with high sodium should be avoided as sodium uses so much water to dissolve in your body and can leave you dehydrated and can cause your heart to work even harder during your workout.
  6. Spicy food: It is really difficult for some people, but it is best to avoid spicy foods. As we are training there is a lot of movement in our body, and if you have consumed spicy food it can easily wash back in your gullet, and you can suffer from heartburn, burning of food pipe and acid reflux.
  7. Protein bars: Most of the protein bars are simply candy bars and their protein and sugar ratio is not equal, and that cause you to run out of energy during your workout.
  8. Hard-Boiled Eggs: Eggs are loaded with proteins and have fewer carbs, hard boiled eggs are really straining for the stomach to digest.
  9. High-sugar/high-fat coffee: If it’s not a regular coffee don’t drink it only black coffee is best pre workout drink.
  10. Fruit Juice: Juices can disturb your blood sugar levels, so it’s better to eat fruit is self.
  11. Trail mix: Both high or low trail mix take too long to digest.
  12. Baked items: Anything with high sugar, refined flour, and butter are no good before a workout.



Facts about Muscle Building Supplements and How to Choose the Right Product

With the many benefits ripped muscles can do to your body, it is not surprising why you want to have it like your favorite athletes. As a matter of fact, nowadays, you don’t have to be an athlete to be ripped. You only need muscle building supplements to achieve your muscle-building goal.

Advantages of Muscle Building Supplements

  • Muscle Mass. From “no bumps” to “big bumps”, you can achieve this ultimate change you desire for your body. It only takes supplements rich with muscle building ingredients.
  • Muscle Strength Increase. Your muscles can be stronger so you can take on any kind of workouts and increase your chances of building bigger muscle mass.
  • Burns Fats. Putting it simply, the opposite of fats is muscle mass. The more you gain muscle mass, the lesser your fats will be in your body. In other words, these supplements can not only help you build muscle mass but also burn fats and be healthy.

Muscle Building Supplements and their Risks

  • Side Effects. Some supplements have ingredients you don’t understand. These may be synthetic ingredients that may expose you to several side effects not worth for your body to go through.
  • Some supplements are priced way too high, especially those that claim they are the best. Some supplements are also priced way too low that you are not sure what could be the catch. Either way, you could be wasting your money.
  • With the many muscle building supplements crowding the market nowadays, it can be hard to know which one lives up to their efficiency claims unless you try all of them. This is why, it is important to choose the right supplement carefully.

How to Choose the Right Muscle Building Supplement

  1. Check the Labels. Check out the important ingredients that should be found in an effective muscle building supplement such as creatine, protein, etc. Do not just accept what the salesman has to offer or what the ads say about the product. You should be able to know how to evaluate the product you are buying if it is the right one or not.


  1. Check the Feedbacks. How is the product rated by the people who were able to use it already? Does it have positive feedbacks or mostly negative feedbacks? It’s just right to refer to customer feedbacks since you are going to use a product you have not yet tried. Feedbacks will give you an idea about the product as well as warn you about its downsides.
  2. Find a Living Evidence. It helps when there is somebody who can attest to the product’s efficiency and that you can really see the results from that person. For instance, you’ll know that Tom Brady Supplements are effective because you know that Tom Brady himself is using it and you can see how it works well for him.

It’s not so hard to achieve a stronger and fuller muscles like Tom Brady with the use of supplements. You just have to know what muscle building supplement to trust so you can reap the benefits of being “ripped” without ripping your body and your finances apart.